Virtual Internship Program (VIP)

The Virtual Internship Program is a first-of-its-kind simulated internship experience from Immrse Education. This innovative platform provides experiential learning for students. It helps them experience different careers through a 1-2 hour interactive program, which gives a focused approach and holistic experience of their careers. For instance, an Architecture aspirant can perform the tasks of an Architect in a simulated environment. On the same lines, students aspiring for different careers can get a first-hand experience through VIP. The platform enables students to experience 18 career options.

Expert Insights Knowledge Resources Practical Experience Professional Guidance

VIP helps eliminate the multiple options and select the best.

That’s VIP for you!

• VIP eliminates the need to apply for multiple internships in different places
• It eliminates your doubts regarding a particular career
• It eliminates work experience but rather gives you career related experience
• It eliminates myth that internships have to be long-term
• Finally, it eliminates options and helps you short list that one career that fits your personality

Students taking up the Virtual Internship Program (VIP) get access to career activities, video sessions and post all the simulations get access to the VIP report What is the VIP Report? VIP report gives a detailed analysis on the skills of the student in that particular profession based on the performance in the simulations.

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