What Say Our Professional Clients


Lavita is a patient listener and an excellent counsellor. Her warm and comforting manner put me at ease and helped me ask questions I was afraid of voicing. Her guidance has helped me stay in touch with myself— something I had forgotten amid the chaos– and take informed decisions in life.
Riyanka Tandon

Lavita ma’am thank you for being there for me. I was suffering from OCD and PTSD but the confidence you have given to me is amazing. You are not only a psychologist but a true guide and friend to me. I hope you bring smiles to the other people life as you did for me. Thank you so much .

Ms. Lavita has really helped me in solving all the problems I was going through. With her I was comfortably able to share all the emotional thoughts and problems which I was never able to share with anyone and find the appropriate solution to them. I found the therapy very efficient and I am much better now as to how I felt before the therapy.
Dr. Kanika Jetly Tanwar

I would like to share my counselling experience with counselling psychologist Lavita. I was in very bad shape and used to be troubled by anxiety issues. Actually it is all in the mind and Lavita is master in reading the minds of people who go through this kind of phase. She started of with peppy talks and slowly and steadily came to the root cause. I felt very much close to the psychologist and opened up to her. She was able to know my chemistry and started counselling me with all her prowess. Now I feel at home with her and my problems have become a thing of the past. I express my gratitude and feel grateful for all her endeavours.

Lavita is one of the finest counselling psychologist and psychotherapist who is very understanding and treat you as a friend. Session taken by Ms. Lavita really helped me to set the positive mind set and stay calm. Psychotherapies helped me a lot. And the best thing is I am not taking medicines anymore in concern to treat my anxiety and insomnia.

I needed help to to patch my marriage but i couldn't do it myself nor could any family member or close relatives even after trying for years! With 2 kids and 2 wonderful families suffering, I decided to give one last shot at Professional Counselling. I was referred to Aekta by a friend and the journey began. She is a thorough professional but comes across as a friend during the sessions which really helps to open up. Her patience and carefully planned roadmap to relationship building was amazing. Her experience and skills have been instrumental in making me believe that i can do it. Today, its all thanks to her, that i feel happy and enjoy the bonding with my family. Its a priceless gift she has given me!!

I was able to make great progress in my mental health condition (anxiety & depression) through counselling and therapy sessions provided by Ms. Lavita Vig . she has given the excellent service particularly in CBT sessions and I noticed a significant and gradual improvement in my mental health condition after every session. She helped me with psychotherapies. She is really an incredible psychologist and a person, who listened me patiently without any judgements and I was able to share each and everything without any hesitations. Her guidance enables me to make positive changes in myself. She is really a wonderful psychologist and above all a kind and helpful person. Thank you Lavita ma’am.
Asma Sharma

Thank you very much Lavita. I feel blessed to have you as my psychologist. I was going through a mental stress so I searched for psychologist on internet, there I met Lavita. She was somebody who was listening me. She listened me very patiently without any judgements. I never met someone who is a good listener as she is. I took audio session, she guided me well. She is someone who is really caring and who really knows about her profession well. Instead of cutting me off with little tips, she was there with me for more than the time I was appointed for. She motivated me, charged me up with positivity and hope. Lavita is a lovely person and a fine psychologist. Much thanks Lavita. Lots of blessings and love.

An excellent counsellor who can easily connect to all age groups. Her most pleasing personality, cheerful disposition, patient hearing and honest expression all make it so easy to open one’s heart to her.

It was great having her as a psychologist but more a friend; she understands the person and the problem. The day I met her, already I was feeling that I am going to recover soon and by the time I was taking my sessions I was feeling good .Now I am much better than before. She is really cooperative and understands the issues well. I don’t feel judged and I’m able to speak whatever I want to. She gives enough time to talk and discuss the issues. Very helpful and friendly.
Joy Prakash

Lavita is a patient listener and an excellent counsellor. Her warm and comforting manner put me at ease and helped me ask questions I was afraid of voicing. Her guidance has helped me stay in touch with myself— something I had forgotten amid the chaos– and take informed decisions in life. Her therapies did wonders on me. Thank you very much ma’am.
Ankur Tandon
Parent Of Tejasav Tandon-Grade-11
Sherwood College

My child who just enrolled for the virtual Internship Program was very happy after completing the program. He found the program interesting and learnt many new things which will surely help him build his career. I am very thankful to the counsellor for guiding my son and hope to see him enroll for more internships.
Aarushi Chauhan - Grade-9
Convent of Jesus and Marry, Waverley, Mussorie, Uttarakhand

THE VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM was a great experience for me.it was very bilateral and highly engrossing. I accomplished a great deal of knowledge in Psychology through this course. I am really thankful to the counsellor to suggest such a wonderful program.
Akanksha Pola – Grade – 11
Oakridge International School, Hyderabad

Virtual Internship Program (VIP) has given me the opportunity to make the best use of my time at home. I completed VIP in Fund Management, Marketing and Chartered Accountancy. The program has not only given me theoretical knowledge but it has also provided me with practical experience. The activities and tasks made it even more fun and interesting. After completing this course, I have a complete idea about the career I want to pursue.
Tejovarsh Acharya – Grade 11
Vidya Niketan Birla Public School, Pilani

Virtual Internship Program (VIP) was a brain booster for me! It was a brain booster for me! It was a great experience with a truckload of learnings. I’m glad I have a counsellor who was aware of my interests and selected the right VIPs for me. They have given me the fieldwork knowledge for Computer Engineering and Graphic Designing. Now I’m well aware of the career problems faced in the industry.