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Counselling & Therapy

Counselling or therapy refers to a relationship between a client and therapist that aims to help the client to understand and resolve Emotional-behavioural and psychological issues.

Why Therapy

We all face situations which we may find difficult to cope with. We may experience thoughts and emotions that overwhelm us and come in the way of our normal functioning and daily life. Stress, depression, anxiety, unhealthy lifestyles, maladaptive coping mechanisms leave us with a compromised quality of life.

Why Counselling

If you ask a painter to find flaws in his masterpiece; perhaps he won’t be able to.

But you will be able to do that, because it’s not your painting. You look at it through the glass of neutrality and objectivity. Not through your emotions.

Counsellors function much like doctors-they listen to your symptoms, diagnose what the problem and the source is. But, instead of giving medicines, they give you suggestions so that you can look at your situation from a different perspective.

Counselling Involves

• One –on-one interaction between the therapist and client
• Understanding of client’s issues-emotional, behavioural or situational
• Developing insight into bringing about the necessary changes
• Implementing the changes
• Follow-up sessions

You can be stressed or anxious over your job, family matters, relationship issues, emotional issues etc. and you can still seek the help of a counsellor who is trained to help you to cope with your situation better.

Yes, we do have our family members and friends who are always there for us in trying times. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need an objective view without somebody else’s emotions being involved as well.

Psychological Counselling is often stigmatized as something that only socially weak people require. It is infamously related to the societal standards of mental status, handicapped individuals and sociopathic behaviour.

With my services to society, I want to break the myths surrounding Counselling. I want everyone to understand that counselling need not be resorted to only when there is a life-changing incident or trauma that is inflicted by the individual. Counselling can be sought even for important decisions to be taken at major junctures of life, like career counselling, counselling before deciding to become parents, marriage counselling and many more instances.

It is my purpose of life to demystify Counselling and Mental Health for my clients and give them the courage and guidance to live their holistic wellness.

My approach towards Counselling is simple and straight forward and based on the principles of empathy, non-judgmental approach and confidentiality.

I strive towards growth and empowering of my clients so that they can be the centre of their own universe and take charge of their lives.

In doing so, I draw my understanding of a client’s issues from various therapeutic approaches like CBT, REBT, relaxation techniques, Psychoanalysis, psychological assessments.